Old Spice Danger Zone Solid Deodorant 50ml

60 ml
80.39 UAH

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For men who are rather grinning in the face of danger and frankly laughing at the troubles and vicissitudes of fate. Old Spice Danger Zone deodorant will give you a scent of courage as a test pilot at the helm of a jet made of explosives! Old Spice offers a large selection of men's fragrances for those who know a lot about them and lead a bright and dynamic lifestyle. A real scent of masculinity that gives freshness and strength. Forget the bad smell, exude the scent of masculinity. The scent of courage. Features and notes: • Thanks to the unforgettable Old Spice scent you will always be in the spotlight • Old Spice deodorant leaves no white or yellow marks • Old Spice deodorant works all day, because, as a rule, your body does not disappear anywhere throughout the day • A fragrance for men who prefer to feel confident in any situation

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    60 ml
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  • Shelf life
    30 months
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