Farro Boiled-Smoked Saltison

per 1 kg
122.70 UAH

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Meat raw materials 100% (pork head meat in the skin, beef without veins of the first grade, boiled fatty pork without veins), broth, table salt, spicy-aromatic mixture (spices (coriander, black pepper, ginger, garlic, cumin), extracts spices (black pepper, nutmeg, ginger, cardamom, chili, garlic), ground allspice, flavoring agent, flavor and aroma enhancers E621, E627, E631; carrier sugar, spices and spice extracts garlic, flavor, phosphate mixture (acidity regulators E450 , E451), ground black pepper, garlic.

General info

  • Brand
  • Manufacturer
    "kremenchugmeat" jsc
  • Weight
    per 1 kg
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  • Shelf life
    15 days
  • Storage temperature

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